SAP – Benefits, Application Areas & Career Prospects

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SAP is the acronym of Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is the name of the German multinational software company that designed the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. SAP ERP includes a suite of cohesive and innovative applications that aids in collection and integration of data. This software allows smooth, quick and accurate management of varied business operations.


 Benefits & Application Areas

The fully-integrated modules of the SAP system can deal with virtually any business management aspect. Topping the charts of the ERP market, SAP boasts of:

  • More than 25 industry-specific solutions
  • Around 40,000 worldwide installations
  • Over 75,000 clients in 120 countries

It includes both basic and industry-specific add-ons to carry out varied departmental applications like Accounting, Human resource, Technology, Finance & investment, Sales & distribution, Logistics, Customer relationship management, etc. Centralized systems like ERP offers several benefits like increased productivity, enhanced HR management, improved customer service…

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